My 2018 Christmas Wishlist

My 2018 Christmas WishlistMy 2018 Christmas Wishlist is a little at odds with my preferred kind of post for my blog. Whenever I post I like to post about Wellness, fitness and travel mostly with a focus on helping others and not talking about myself so much.

Blogmas has turned my preferred way of doing things on it’s head a little. Although there will still be plenty of content that subscribes to my ‘help others’ mentality in this space, some of the content is naturally a little inward focused.

Having a lot of ‘stuff’ isn’t something that particularly appeals to me. Over time I’ve become more minimalist and it’s evident when I travel as I don’t tend to buy a lot of merchandise or souvenirs. Putting together a Christmas Wishlist can be a little difficult in this way but it does mean that everything on my list is considered.

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My Christmas Wishlist

  1. Camera – Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera
    It’s time to up my Instagram game. I really love photography and Instagram is a great hobby. I have a large Canon SLR camera, a small Canon s120 point and shoot and a GoPro Hero 5. Having a screen that swivels so I can see what kind of pictures I’m taking (especially for those selfies), also the mirrorless design of this camera means I’ll get great quality images while still being able to put the camera in my handbag.
  2. Tripod – Joby GorrillaPod
    Those Instagrams can be difficult to capture and the ability to place the camera absolutely anywhere is key, I’d love a matching GorrillaPod.
  3. Vegan handbag – Labante or Matt & Nat Handbag
    I’ve had the same Michael Kors handbag for over three years and it’s time to look at getting something else. After some recent digestive issues I’m transitioning to more of a Plant based diet. When I was researching what tote I wanted to get I was looking at a number of leather designer bags. It wasn’t until I was on a website looking for some Vegan food items that I noticed the vegan handbags. This is absolutely the way I want to move forward with my life and starting with a vegan handbag is a great option.
  4. Face Halo
    If only to save myself from buying hundreds of make-up wipes every year. Face Halo is this incredible product that you simply wet with water and it removes your make up.
  5. Deliciously Ella Cookbook
    Transitioning to a plant-based diet isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been lucky to find a meal delivery service to make my weekday lunches and dinners fuss free, healthy and plant-based. Cooking on the weekend is a little more challenging so I would love this cookbook for some plant-based inspiration.

My 2018 Christmas Wishlist