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If I could choose one thing that I’ve done recently that has absolutely changed my world, it’s difficult to choose. I’ve recently gone and got Botox for the first time (game changer!) but also I’ve decided to ditch razors for good and I’ve had laser hair removal treatments. I distinctly remember asking my mum for a razor to shave my legs long ago and I’ve been somewhat faithful ever since. I say somewhat faithful as I have had a number of waxing sessions over the years also. Laser hair removal is quite the game changer and now I go many weeks without having to shave or have another laser session.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical or beauty industry professional. This post is basic information only and you should always consult a professional before deciding to get laser hair removal treatments.  

Why I decided to try laser, and you should too

Deciding to try laser actually isn’t a big decision at all. You’ll have a consultation with your laser technician before your first session and if there’s anything you feel uncomfortable about you don’t have to go through with it. If you think about how much time you’ve wasted shaving in the shower, it’s a no-brainer.

Unfortunately I was a slow learner in this space and it took me a little longer. Laser hair removal wasn’t really on my radar until 2017, before that I was faithful to shaving and waxing. Sure I had seen laser hair removal on episodes of the Kardashians but living in a smallish city it wasn’t overly common and the cost was high. I never considered it until I moved to Sydney and one of the girls at work suggested I give it a go. Her exact words were “It will be life changing”. I wasn’t so sure and didn’t make an appointment straight away.

Eventually I was at home one morning and I had run out of razors, there was just a dodgy rusty razor sitting in my shower. Decision made and I made an appointment.

The basics

Laser hair removal is hair reduction for long periods of time. Generally with 6-10 treatments you can effectively reduce the hair that grows safely and any part of your body can be treated. The laser looks for your hair and zaps the hair follicle restricting future growth. This works best on people with light skin and darker hair. If you’ve been tanning it doesn’t work well so a technician may turn you away if you’ve been tanning.

You shave the night before, go for your treatment and then you’ll need to avoid excessive sweating and swimming for 24 hours following your treatment. Following your treatment you may have to apply a soothing gel for a couple of days as your skin may be a bit red and sensitive.

When I first tried laser in 2017, I only went to three treatments before I lost interest and stopped – although my hair was reduced it continued to grow and by the time I started treatments again this year my underarms were basically back to normal.

Does it hurt? The word laser is scary!

It depends what you consider to be painful. Personally I find waxing far more painful than laser hair removal but in certain areas it can feel like you’re being flicked with a rubber band. I have recently extended the time between my sessions and it can sometimes hurt a little more when you return after leaving it a bit longer. Personally I find it hurts the most around my ankles and under my arms. My husband has recently had treatments on his face and he said it sometimes hurts above his top lip.

Choose your laser provider wisely

I personally find the pain very minimal but I have spoken to people who have found it a little more painful. I think this comes down to selecting your clinic well. The best clinics have the best machines with the latest technology so that the treatment is quick and with minimal pain. Personally, I wouldn’t just go anywhere for this and I researched my choice of clinic before I made my first appointment.

Have you taken the leap into laser hair removal or are you a faithful shaver / waxer? Let me know in the comments below.

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