I worked out at Barry’s Bootcamp and you should too

This post was going to be called “I worked out at Barry’s Bootcamp so you don’t have to”. Except it’s incredible and you should try it.

My workout style varies drastically. One minute I love Pilates and Yoga classes, the next I’m all about lifting heavy weights in the gym. Right now, I’m finding all of my motivation in group fitness classes. I find that when I need that extra push of motivation a group class always does it for me. There’s no waiting around for others to get off machines and I always feel like I’ve achieved something when I leave.

I’ve been obsessed with SoulCycle for a while now, I’m not sure what it is about cult fitness brands but undoubtedly I see in them what everyone else does; a sleek brand of fitness classes that are well packaged and inspiring.

When I heard that Barry’s Bootcamp was opening in Australia – I was excited. Although their particular brand of 1/2 treadmill & 1/2 Strength kind of scared me. The way that it is packaged really appealed to me. Their sleek branding, famous ‘red room’ workouts, specialty smoothies and quality merchandise drew me in straight away.

It wasn’t until I had some friends who were already going that I decided to part with my cash and give it a try. There’s no going back now.

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The Barry’s Bootcamp Experience

Booking a class is easy. You can do it from your phone or whatever your preferred device is on the Barry’s Bootcamp Website. After registration and selecting your studio you can select what time and day you want to book. Then, choose to start either on a treadmill or on the floor. If you don’t wish to do treadmill on that particular day you can also opt for double floor if you choose a space that states DF. I always choose to workout on the treadmill first to start with an elevated heart rate.

The treadmills are easy to use so you can change things mid-run. On the floor, you get a bench and will go and get dumbbells, weighted balls and bands for additional resistance. If you start on a treadmill you instructor will ask you to move to the floor after your first run. Move to the corresponding number on the equipment. If you start on treadmill 3, you work on floor 3.

The clubs are super premium and have everything you would expect in a gym and more. There’s hair ties and makeup wipes for the girls, great change facilities and you can look forward to a chilled peppermint towel following your work out.

The other great thing is the Barry’s specialty smoothies from their Fuel Bar. You can order before your class and pick it up on the way out. These come at an additional cost but are completely worth it in my opinion.

The Barry’s Workout

Not going to lie. The Barry’s workout is tough. For half of your workout you’re doing a full on treadmill workout with running, sprints, inclines and some recovery. The other half is spent on the floor lifting heavy weights and other challenging exercises.

There’s a reason why this is called the best workout in the world. It’s not easy but every minute is worth it. I read on a Barry’s instagram that you don’t need to be fit to go to Barry’s because people go to Barry’s to GET FIT.

Completely Premium

Make no mistake – this is a premium studio. All of the equipment is of the highest quality and everything has been meticulously thought through. I love that they provide make up wipes and at my studio they even have the fantastic Dyson hairdryers as standard. This is reflected in the cost but I found this to be much cheaper than a session with a PT at my other gym.

Why it’s worth it

At the moment I’ve committed to Barry’s once every two weeks to give my body a shock from my normal spin, pilates and weights routine. I’ll look to increase this a few weeks before I travel to give my weight loss / toning a bit of a boost. It’s been over eight weeks since my first class and it’s definitely starting to get easier. I love that it’s so challenging and it’s a great atmosphere to work out. I really enjoy the experience and personally I actually find it more beneficial than sessions I’ve previously paid for with a PT.

Barry’s Bootcamp is my favourite workout right now, I look forward to it. Not so much whilst I’m doing it – but I love it and would recommend if you’re interested in this kind of workout give it a try!

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