How to increase Pinterest views for the busy Blogger

It’s no secret Pinterest can get bloggers some CRAZY traffic. Every high profile blogger in this space seems to have a specific Pinterest strategy that they use in order to leverage the platform and draw in new readers. I’m not sure anyone has all of the answers to Pinterest but I want to share the bits and pieces I’ve learned so far and how I’ve grown my account.

I started using Pinterest when I decided to focus on my Blog more, before that I didn’t think it would really make a difference. I was part of the crew that used Pinterest to pin my vacation ideas and recipes. Once I started making pins for my posts and really leveraging them I started to see how it affected my page view stats for the better.

I’m still very much on my WordPress journey – as of today my Monthly Unique Views are sitting at 155.2K which is pushing a healthy amount of traffic through to this blog. So I thought I would update you on how I got to where I am and give my best tips (so far).

Pinterest screen capture

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Get started

Pinterest seems fairly straightforward; Write a blog post, make a pin and watch the traffic roll in. Unfortunately whilst this is the basics, in order to get the crazy traffic you really have to be strategic about how you’re pinning and the way you treat your account.

There are many bloggers out there who claim that they know every secret of Pinterest. While I don’t doubt there are some people that do it’s hard to decide how best to craft your strategy, do you invest in the endless E-books and courses or do you go it alone with trial and error? You’re a busy blogger so we need to get results without taking up too much time in your busy day. Personally, I decided not to invest in courses or E-books specifically for Pinterest. It’s not that I didn’t consider it – and I still might one day but for now I’m happy to keep learning on my own.

Pinterest Pins should appeal to your readers

It took me a while to realise my pins had to be easy to read and visually appealing. Although I thought they looked great when I first started making them – they were actually kind of hard to read and there was a lot going on.

I originally used a white font that overlayed on a busy image, it wasn’t until I asked advice from one of the Facebook groups I had joined that someone told me they were actually hard to read when scrolling. I simplified and changed the way my pins looked and noticed a change to how many people actually clicked on them.

Here’s an example of my original pins vs my new pins. My original pins were also shorter, I’ve adopted a longer format as it takes up more real estate on the Pinterest search page.

Pin example

Rich Pins are Important

Rich pins provide additional information directly on the pin. If you are sharing a recipe there are recipe details right on the pin, or if you are sharing general blog posts there’s a little more detail attached to the pin. All of the popular pins I’ve ever pinned and all of my most popular pins are Rich Pins so it’s important to enable this as soon as possible.

Make Multiple Pins per post

I always try and make at least 3 different pins per post. Different headlines, different images, different colour fonts. One of them always performs better than the others and I can never pick which one will do best.

Write appealing content

This tip is really blogging 101 but if you’re writing and sharing content that is appealing to your readers and within your niche the more likely you are to get people to click on your pins. If I write a post that isn’t really helping others or appealing to people it’s unlikely I’ll even bother to make a pin for it. For example, my post wishing my readers a Merry Christmas wasn’t shared on Pinterest.

Play the seasonality card

It’s worth noting that Pinterest is responsive to seasonal content. Pinterest gets a huge bump over the October – December period where people are looking for holiday related content starting with Halloween. When I was participating in Blogmas and creating Christmas specific content my unique monthly views were suddenly huge (360k!) in December and clickthroughs to my blog also reflected this.

Creating seasonal content plays on this so if you have content about holidays, summer, winter or Valentines Day there are times of the year when you’ll find this will do better.

Grow your following

The great thing about Pinterest is that it’s a visual search engine combined with a social network. You can follow other Pinners and they can follow you. The more people that follow you the more likely people are to see and share your pins.

The following doesn’t have to be huge – I currently have about 1000 followers on Pinterest.

Don’t forget SEO

Ensuring that each one of your boards is SEO optimised is an important part of ensuring your pins appear in the search. You can do this by making sure your boards have names with keywords and you use keywords and hashtags in the description.

This rule applies for all of your pins as well. There’s a code that you should be placing in all of your pins to ensure that whenever someone pins them on Pinterest they appear with your description and hashtags.

I’m using Tailwind

After a month or so of pinning on my own and joining a bunch of facebook groups to share my pins, admittedly at this point the pins I was using were pretty bad, I decided that the traffic was minimal so I caved and did the Tailwind trail. I never looked back. Tailwind was the absolute GAME CHANGER for my Pinterest account.

Tailwind gives me the ability to keep my account active and gives me access to Tailwind Tribes to amplify my reach, which makes it so much more likely for my pins to be shared.

The smartloop feature consistently shares my posts to my group boards and I share around 40 pins a day from other blogs.

It’s not magical however, you still have to put in time by telling tailwind what pins you want it to pin to your account and set things up in the background. It is however, like you’re putting your account on autopilot. Perfect for a busy blogger.

Look for help and advice

If you’re struggling with Pinterest you’re doing the right thing by coming here and reading this post. I really recommend looking for advice from others. There are several facebook groups you can join with super knowledgable pinners and there’s even a few Pinterest related podcasts you can download for free to learn from others.

10 life changing pinterest tips for busy bloggers