Guide to the perfect Secret Santa

Guide to the perfect secret santa

Secret Santa is a great way for everyone involved to get a present. Secret Santa has become such a popular idea, a Secret Santa is frequently the chosen method of gift giving. Trying to figure out who has your name, deciding on the perfect gift for the person you got and the gift exchange moment all make for a great Secret Santa experience.

When should you choose a Secret Santa

A Secret Santa gift exchange is a great idea in certain situations. There are some situations where a Secret Santa is a perfect choice;

The office Secret Santa

Having a Secret Santa within your work colleagues is suitable for when there are people that would like to buy each other gifts but if there are a number of people within the team or work environment it can be harder on people with more people to buy for already. A secret santa ensures everyone gets a gift and you’ll have fun in the office of trying to figure out who has which name to buy for.

Secret Santa among Friends

Everyone wants to buy all of their friends a gift but sometimes it’s just not doable especially if you have a big family to buy for as well. If your friends are close a Secret Santa is a great choice and you can have some fun at the gift exchange by going out for drinks or a nice meal together before Christmas.

Family Secret Santa

If you have a large family or if your family has grown through the addition of the older kids partners a Secret Santa is always a great idea. Watch this one though, sometimes Mum or Dad will go and buy individual gifts for everyone anyway. You’ll have a lot of fun at the Family Christmas get together opening your gifts.

Setting Up Your Secret Santa

Setting up a Secret Santa has become easier over time with websites like that allow everyone to opt in, send the names out on a specific date and allow participants to set up a Wishlist to help the santa out. It means that the organiser truly doesn’t know who has who and can fully enjoy the fun as well.Alternatively putting all names in a hat and pulling them out is a slightly old fashioned but good system.

Limit the gift value

A successful Secret Santa is one where everyone gets something of roughly the same value. That way no one purchases something that is of considerably higher value than the gift they receive. The value set is up to your group and will match the situation; I’ve heard of office secret santa exchanges bing limited to $20 whilst family exchanges limited to a few hundred dollars. Ensure everyone agrees before the names are drawn.

Choose the day of exchange

Choosing the day of exchange and communicating the exchange day to the group is important so everyone is clear about when they should have their gift to exchange. This is particularly important if you are posting gifts for friends that live far away so everyone knows when their items have to be in the post and when they can talk about their gifts.

Give your Santa some ideas

Even if you’re the closest of families giving your Santa an idea of what you want is helpful to everyone involved. It limits the number of gifts that will be regifted or thrown away and means that everyone will get a meaningful gift.

Gifting the perfect gift

Choosing the right gift for your name is never easy. It’s important to research appropriately, ask for help if you need it and avoid just buying anything because it fits within the value limit.

Be a little extra

One way to really deliver on the Secret Santa job is to be a little extra – include a heartfelt note with your gift and consider how you wrap the gift. Going a little luxe on the wrapping, even for a low value gift can make the person you’ve purchased for feel a little more special and sprinkle some of that Christmas magic their way.

The Gift Exchange

If you’re not exchanging on Christmas day the gift exchange is often a great excuse to catch up with your friends or colleagues before Christmas. You all get to see what each other received and enjoy the experience together. Alternatively, if you’re doing a long distance exchange it’s a great opportunity to set up a Facebook group or Group chat to show each other what you received.

Are you doing a Secret Santa over Christmas? Give me your best tips for a great Secret Santa in the comments below!

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Guide to the perfect secret santa

Guide to the perfect secret santa

2018 guide to the perfect secret santa