Gift Guide: Perfect gifts for the blogger in your life

Buying gifts these days can be quite challenging. Everyone seems to have everything they need and it’s actually quite difficult to find something unique. 

If there is a blogger / instagrammer / influencer in your life you’ll find some gift ideas below that are sure to go down a treat!

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blogger gift guide

2018 Gift Guide for Bloggers

  1. A new Camera – A new camera is a great gift for a blogger or instagrammer. It gives a blogger another tool to improve their blog and it gives an instagrammer an opportunity to really up their instagram game so they’re not making do with the iPhone camera. I added the Canon M50 mirrorless camera to my wishlist this year
  2. Beauty blogger flatlay Mug – A mug is always a good choice as it’s the perfect way for someone to express themselves either at home or at work. This beauty blogger flatlay mug is a great choice for a #bblogger or instagrammer. If you can’t find something you like I would also recommend taking a quick look on ETSY for blogger appropriate Mugs.
  3. A beautiful Laptop bag – An absolute must for a blogger is a great laptop bag so you can travel with your laptop and if you get sick of blogging in the house using up the free wifi at a local cafe is quite appealing. I would recommend one of these great LaBante vegan laptop bags.
  4. A coffee machine – Trust me with this one. Bloggers are up at all times of the day writing posts, scheduling tweets, pinning and engaging on social media. Any blogger will be grateful for a coffee machine like this lovely machine
  5. A Portable charger – If the blogger in your life travels or just uses their tech way too much a portable charger like this great rose-gold one, is a life saver. Make sure you get one that looks stylish to compliment the bloggers look (and to double as a flatlay prop).
Perfect gifts for the blogger in your life