Guide to the perfect Secret Santa

Guide to the perfect secret santa

Secret Santa is a great way for everyone involved to get a present. Secret Santa has become such a popular idea, a Secret Santa is frequently the chosen method of gift giving. Trying to figure out who has your name, deciding on the perfect gift for the person you got and the gift exchange moment all make for a great Secret Santa experience.

When should you choose a Secret Santa

A Secret Santa gift exchange is a great idea in certain situations. There are some situations where a Secret Santa is a perfect choice; Read more

50 Blogmas Post Ideas for the busy blogger

50 Blogmas Ideas for the busy blogger

Blogmas is not something that will come easy to all bloggers. With the holiday season being so busy anyway coming up with at least one post per day for the Christmas period can be challenging. In Australia it’s already day two of Blogmas and I know there will be some bloggers out there struggling for content ideas. I’ve put together a list of idea starters to help.

Although there are some great ideas below, don’t forget to give your posts a catchy title like “10 of the best Christmas Office Party Songs”, although your content is festive and seasonal a lot of people will be writing similar content and you really want to draw your audience in!

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50 Blogmas Post Ideas

Christmas Blogging

  1. On the first day of Blogmas – This is really what you make of it but it’s a great way to announce you’re doing blogmas!
  2. Other Bloggers doing Blogmas Roundup
  3. Your Blogmas content ideas
  4. Plans and goals for your blog next year
  5. How did you do Blogmas (Content creation guide)

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9 fail-safe ways to stay on your eating plan over the holidays

9 failsafe ways to stay on your eating plan over the holidays header

The holiday season can be particularly challenging for those of us who have specific goals and are eating to a plan in order to reach them. There’s endless temptation from festive food and beverages. People gravitate to celebrations and often find food that they associate with nostalgic feelings of Christmas moments gone by. There’s also the marketing machine that churns out an array of new treats every year. The struggle is truly real this time of year.

Although there is endless temptation and ways to come off the rails of your eating plan or diet over the holidays there are things you can do to minimise any of the festive fun derailing your plan and stay on track to achieve your goals. Read more

10 things to expect your first time at the gym

10 things to expect your first time at the gym heading

Going to the gym for the first time can be scary, daunting, emotional and challenging all at once. Knowing what to expect before you walk in to a gym can be the difference between deciding to go or not to go. I’ve put together a list of 10 things to expect on your first time at the gym to make it a little less challenging for that initial workout. Read more

Laser hair removal for beginners

laser hair removal for beginners heading

If I could choose one thing that I’ve done recently that has absolutely changed my world, it’s difficult to choose. I’ve recently gone and got Botox for the first time (game changer!) but also I’ve decided to ditch razors for good and I’ve had laser hair removal treatments. I distinctly remember asking my mum for a razor to shave my legs long ago and I’ve been somewhat faithful ever since. I say somewhat faithful as I have had a number of waxing sessions over the years also. Laser hair removal is quite the game changer and now I go many weeks without having to shave or have another laser session. Read more