I’m Amanda! I’m a blogger, wannabe runner, gym-bunny, always on some crazy diet, traveller and I never take no for an answer.

I grew up in New Zealand where everything was pretty and green. Then I moved to Australia where everything is blue, beauty and amazing. I live in Sydney where I spend my days in a job that’s just enough creative to keep me happy and challenging enough to make it fun. My weekends are spent exploring Sydney and making my next travel plans.

I started The Amandaland to help other women who are struggling to find wellness in their everyday busy lives. After trying a bunch of new things myself; embarking on a fitness journey, getting used to skin that wasn’t the same as when I was 18 and getting used to eating healthy I wanted to share all of the tips and tricks I learn along the way.

I love disney, shoes and handbags, workouts including spin and strength and making the most of life.

You can contact me here.