5 tips for the best Christmas day photos


There’s so many magical moments on Christmas day, perfect photo moments that you would like to capture for Facebook or Instagram. Even if only for you to hold on to your treasured memories. Everyone has a camera now with the abundance of smartphones so it’s always a great idea to do a few easy things to make your photos a little better. That way, your photos will stand out against Aunty Joyce who still poses everyone in a straight line smiling awkwardly at the camera. 

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Plan what you want to capture ahead of time

As much as possible, plan the things you would like to capture in your photos ahead of time. You’ll have the ability to plan your details shots and if you want specific family shots. A little bit of planning before Christmas day means that you won’t miss out on any of the photographs you want to share. 

Capture the details

Capturing the details may seem like it’s not really needed; why take a close up of the pretty pine cones when they can just be in the photo with someone else?

Capturing the details gives you the ability to tell a story about what happened on your Christmas day. It’s far more compelling than a series of photos that all look similar. 

Take some time to get photos of all of the little elements that make your Christmas Day special. Think of the angle you take them on, how they are lit and take a few different angles so you have lots to choose from. 

Think about how you will pose or arrange your subjects

Posing or arranging of your static items is one of the key elements in what will set your photo apart. If you’re photographing static objects it’s good to think about how you want them to look and arrange them accordingly; do you want to do a flatlay and shoot from above or do you want a close up with a low angle toward the subject? Taking a few seconds to think about this and trying different things will really help. 

If you’re photographing people how they pose and where they stand will determine a great shot from a mediocre one. A great example of this is Twinkle lights; The twinkle lights on your Christmas tree are your friend and can make for an amazing blurred background. Just a few seconds of extra thought before you take your shot is all it takes. 

If you’re going for candid photos of people that’s okay, just remember what is behind them and what angle you want to take their picture from. There’s nothing wrong with moving around the room to get a better picture. 

Take your camera off the Auto setting

If you do happen to be using a camera that isn’t your smartphone I really recommend you take the time to learn other settings aside from Auto. You’ll have greater control over your picture, the light and the overall look if you have the opportunity to do this. 

Edit just a little or a lot

I strongly encourage you to edit your photos. There are some great apps available to assist you with this. My favourites are Lightroom and VSCO. Have a play with lighting, colour and crop to make your photos pop that much more. If you’re unsure how to do this there are plenty of free tutorials available online. Both Lightroom and VSCO have options to help you do this easily so your photos stand out from the rest. 

Are you planning on taking some Christmas Day photos? I would love to know what your plans are; tell me in the comments.

5 tips for the best Christmas Day photos