2019 Blog Planner for the busy blogger

2019 is almost here! Even if you’re in the middle of Blogmas and pumping out posts like crazy it’s time to start planning for 2019 if you haven’t started already. I’m a very busy blogger, I have a full time job which I have to travel for so I’m always looking for ways to maximise my time. 

This is my first post that I’ve included a free printable! I hope you enjoy it! There’s a link at the bottom of my page.

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Why make a plan

Making a plan is essential if you’re a busy blogger. A lot of bloggers write whatever they come up with when they sit down to work on their blog. As a busy blogger I don’t have the ability to do this. It saves time for me when I know what I’m going to post about and I usually collect information on the topic and get the things I need before I even open wordpress to work on my blog. 

Making a plan helps my workflow substantially – If I know what I’m going to write about I can work on my headings and pins while I’m on my phone before I’ve even started my post. It makes my time more efficient and my blog more successful. 

Set your goals

You’re a goal setting blogger with the ambition it takes to achieve them So it’s important to set them now. You can always change them later and it’s likely they will change throughout the year. Make sure you find a nice balance between big goals and super achievable sort term goals so you can see yourself achieving them throughout the year.  

Plan your year

Planning your year out entirely will give you a road map for where you want to go. 

I will be setting a theme for each month this year and using my planner to list the kind of posts I want to include under each theme. I really recommend doing this if you’re a busy blogger. Having a roadmap for the month and post ideas set out means a lot of the work is already done and you don’t have to spend wasted time planning. 

Use an editorial calendar

Knowing when your posts are going to go up and ensuring you have enough content is key to keep your blog interesting and keep it going whilst you’re busy doing life things. An editorial calendar can really help you do this. 

I usually scrawl down my plan in a monthly page on a diary and then when I have my posts ready I drag them in to my editorial calendar plug in on wordpress. This is a great visual way of seeing exactly how much content you have and exactly when it will appear live. 

Plan your photos

If you’re creating content that’s photo heavy you’ll want to plan out the photos you want to create. Planning your photos each month to ensure you’ll have the props you need and set aside the time to take and edit your photos. 

Free Printable

I’ve put together a free printable to help you plan out your blog in 2019. You can download it here. 

2019 blog planner for the busy blogger
2019 planner for the busy blogger